The Watermarks Across My Skin #41

I was asleep and romanticizing about you with my psyche.

I was asleep. That is the most important part. 

I felt my fingertips grasping at air droplets and all the bits of water that 

Float between them like magma in the under earth and

For the life of me, I can’t remember what the tones were that you spoke to me in

When you were angry or tired or too hungry to function properly and

For the life of me, I can’t place where it is I put you down years ago. 

You feel as if the echoes of me are still following you but

I feel as if they were lost around the time I

Drove my car into someone else’s and

Saw you were still one of the emergency numbers in my cellphone

With a big gold star sarcastically plastered next to your name and I 

Remembered that I had forgotten to change that when we changed. 

I feel as if I clung at you out of habit & you clung at me more like static electricity

Leaves your senses confused around the soft edges of your face. 

You may not understand this now but you will when it’s someone else and not me

And when the ocean vomits back up the secrets I kept there when I knew you.

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