The Ocean in Us #23

I am waiting for you to find me,

Sitting with my legs crossed and trying so hard not to move too quickly,

Slowly rocking myself and all my senses into a general numbness until

I meet you.

I’m lying here, weightless on the edges of your consciousness–

I know I am,

Because I can see you in the black and white

Dark fringes of mine.

You may not be all the beauty that the world expects you to be, mostly because

I do not have one measurement you must fill.

I do not know what you will be like only that you will be, my darling.

Will you think the same of me.

Will you look into my eyes after years or after seconds and understand, quite suddenly, that

I’ve been found at last.

All finality, all big beginnings, all trapeze acts.

Will you never remember me and will you never know my name.

I am waiting for you,

All the things I do are molding me into who I will be.

I am waiting for you,

Curled up and anxious and wanting and knowing that I am wanted by someone some time ago and today.

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