The Ocean in Us #15

My goodness the way the stars looked the night we fell apart,

The same way they looked the time we laid down in the middle of the bridge around eight.

The open ended ending,

The way your eyes look when you cry,

The fact that they don’t even really turn red at all.

The way we cuddled ourselves into one another and

Let ourselves be enveloped by our complimentary scents,

Despite the gas station bathroom we stopped in before made me

Smell like cigarette smoke when I only ever smell like something you call

Your favorite little thing,

The present I left on your pillow for a week after I spent the night.

I can feel you fading and that’s really the hardest part,

Knowing that we’ll remember this in different ways and knowing that

This moment will really only be a t-shirt pocket full of something we once had,

Something we will smile about someday and maybe sometimes

We will cry over it like we really did lose our very best something,

And sometimes we’ll even roll our eyes at it as we look into someone else’s.

Knowledge is the worst thing.

I hope you saw this day through the magnified glass—

I want you to look into the backs of your eyes and see

Every single thing that made up our moment,

Because without all of it, there would be none of it.

Without right now, there wouldn’t be all the other days, either.

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