The Watermarks Across My Skin #1

You were the fire on my lips,

The cancer outside of my body,

And I, the little bits of cells that sickly awaited your

Approval or your hand motions,

While you breathed my body’s building blocks

Into your lungs.

There isn’t much you can do when someone

Throws themselves at you rather than knives,

Blows over onto the ground and leaves not scars

But watermarks gently across my skin.

I feel like poison,

But you’re creating the side effects.

Eat me through with your rusts and ravings,

Bleed me out in lullabies and quiet whispers

Turning to screams about me from the passenger seat.

Kill time by killing me off from your vision,

Stain my organs with the iron flecks of your tongue.

I am nothing but a shredded masterpiece,

A good idea turned into chaos and into alone.

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