Hear my soul speak:

The very instant I saw you, did

My heart fly to your service. – William Shakespeare

I’m not sure what little conversations

Are breathed between your souls on summer nights,

Whether they are stifled in the winter or

If maybe, they grow stronger in the cold.

I don’t know if your simple nothings are written in words or on

Paper planes, or midnight remembrances of Paris cathedrals,

Or maybe you fell in love under the twinkling lights of

The everyday stars because

You, together, have mastered the subtleties of romance

In gestures and glances and in ways you shouldn’t have to;

You have spoken to me in vibrant smiles,

You have shown me the happiness I will always wish to find.

The very instant I saw you,

The two of you together holding tight to the moments

You created for yourselves over tireless and tired times,

I knew that no amount of tenderness,

No expense or Monday morning or amount of kisses

Could ever adequately put to action the very depth

Of your journey to the sacred wonderment of

“I love you”s and

You are the definitions to the words I do not yet know,

And I am so happy that you are,

That you are together, and in love, and in every way my shining sunrise.

Written, dedicated, and read for Michael Hunt and Matthew Ashman on their wedding day.

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