Cacophonies, Constellations, and Cigarette Butts like Stars #1

You have these little ways about you;

The way you lift up your chin and turn up your

Bright constellation bright blue bright bright

Eyes and smile a little, and I’m not sure

If you really realize how intensely distinct you make me feel,

Sweeping that brown hair into a mess of a part and

Killing time by tap-tapping your foot next to mine,

Occasionally nudging me in your sleepy state

And half-grinning before you thought I caught it.

Well, I caught it, and in it I saw galaxies

Slashing their way across my mind

Because that’s what you do to people:

You slice through to their very core with a half-dazed glance and a charmed white smile.

And I’m not sure if you noticed how easily you tear me,

Down into the person I always wished I could be,

Just by using honest phrases and inappropriate jokes and letting little sparks of fire

Dance on your lips when you make me laugh.


This piece was originally written in April 2014.

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