Poetreecreations.org was kind enough to feature me on their page! Thank you so much again for the opportunity to contribute. Everyone should definitely visit their site; they have a lot of beautiful pieces.



Every word you spoke to me was like an infection,

Eating me out and pulling me in

Fangs sinking deeply into paper-thin skin,

As if my world had been punctured by a syllable

Falling delicately onto my bedspread,

Bouncing onto my lips.

I think the thing that startled me

Wasn’t your sickness,

Wasn’t the stun you inspired into my mouth and eyes

But the newness,

The unthinkable newness found in something somehow so un-novel,

So unknown,

And it left me hanging sideways

Unable to catch my breath, my walk, my habits-

You were the sharpening of senses I didn’t know I had

The unseen whisper that collided with my tongue like flakes of snow.

Hannah Messinger



Hi, my name is Hannah Messinger, I’m seventeen, and I would love to be featured on your page! Thank you for offering this opportunity to writers around the world; it is…

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