You are insignificance.

You are you and I minus the unimportant parts

And I am dying in a depth of pitted wonder

As you clamber to the brink and look down and,


Well I thought you’d wait,

But it seems you are twirling down a half-path,

An oath you kissed in a direction I missed and

I’m blind to the madness of you,

The unclarity and the delusion you must have been

And you are the blue in my irises and

You are my…

But I see the ice that frosts the edges of your whispers

When I turn my back like a



Case I breathe into and mist.

You are the candle I lit to see my eyes;

You are the sky I bundled into my chest and

Expired into the billows of the earth.

You aren’t anything but what I wrote onto paper,

I do not know what else, who else, you are.


Originally written in December 2013, this piece was inspired by Sylvia Plath.

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